Russian Greed - Russian Greed (Cassette, Album)

Russian Greed -  Russian Greed (Cassette, Album)

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Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. Follow us. Choose a dictionary. Bill Laswell. Discography Axiom. Broken Vessels. Categories : Discographies of American artists Rock music discographies Production discographies.

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Chapter One: Book of Entrance. Chapter Two. Book of Exit: Dub Chamber 4. Low Life. With Terre Thaemlitz. Subsonic 2: Bass Terror. With Nicholas Bullen. Interpieces Organization. With Haruomi Hosono. With Eraldo Bernocchi and Toshinori Kondo. With Toshinori Kondo. Radioaxiom: A Dub Transmission.

With Tatsuya Nakamura and John Zorn. With Yasuhiro Yoshigaki and Otomo Yoshihide. With Hoppy Kamiyama. With Tatsuya Yoshida and Otomo Yoshihide. Live at the Bowery Poetry Project. With Lance Carter and Robert Musso. With Tatsuya Nakamura and Hideo Yamaki.

The Process. With Jonathan Batiste and Chad Smith. With Masahiro Shimba. Russian Chants «Parastas». Oscillations Remixes.

Panthalassa: The Music of Miles Davis — Emerald Aether: Shape Shifting. Free word lists and quizzes from Cambridge.

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Follow us. Choose a dictionary. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Usage explanations of natural written and spoken English. Grammar Thesaurus. Translation of greedy — English—Russian dictionary. B2 wanting a lot more foodmoneyetc, than you need. They were greedy for money. Examples of greedy.

It is the fashion of our greedy incompetent rulers to say that ' democracy ' must fail. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Following these hints, this paper introduces primitives for choice and greedy selection, and shows that classical greedy algorithms can be expressed using them. This can easily be achieved by a simple greedy strategy. In this section we discuss only the case relevant to the use of nonlinear approximation, in particular, greedy approximation in such a construction.

If I Russian Greed - Russian Greed (Cassette talk to Ozzy I wonder if I could reason with him? I refuse to feed them before a.

I did this by just laying there no matter what even though it will set off a night of insomnia. And when it is past a. The first article was geared to people suffering a sense of stagnation, emptiness, and muddling through caused by the pandemic. Adam Grant says languishing is the state of mental health between depression and flourishing and explores the emotion in detail, along with advice on how to beat languishing.

The second article, by Dani Blum gives us seven ways to promote flourishing. I immediately resonated with the word languishing, but not because of pandemic confinement. I realized languishing is a state I have fallen into because of retirement and aging. I am not depressed, but often I am not flourishing either. What I realized was the confining lifestyle required to avoid Covid was similar to the lifestyle of being retired.

Both involve spending most of our time at home. Both involve seeing fewer people. Both involve limiting what we can choose to do. Sheltering at home from Covid was no great effort for me because I was retired. I no longer needed to go to work or school, and my social life shrank drastically after I stopped working. I felt sorry for the millions that had to put their careers, businesses, and education on hold.

But what I understood now, being retired had put my future on hold too. On the front side of life, when we are young, the future is full possibilities. We flourish by chasing all our wants. But on the back side of life, possibilities dwindle, and opportunities disappear. After retirement our wants become fewer. As our health fades away, so do the desires that drive us.

We begin to languish. I believe wanting people, places, possessions, and proficiencies make us flourish. But how do we thrive with vanishing vitality and dissipating desires? I need to think about this. I do know when my health fails, I languish, and when my wellbeing returns, I start flourishing again. Unfortunately, the frequency of poor health episodes are increasing. The answer to the title question needs two approaches.

One for retirement, one for aging. Retirement gives us more time but less of other things. Aging is a diminishing of being, a natural state of not flourishing. Is that even realistic? Or some Pollyannaish belief? I could speculate now and make this essay much longer, but I believe I need to contemplate the problem deeper before philosophizing further.

The amp portion continues to work with the optical and RCA inputs, just the streaming feature died. I know audiophiles sneer at Bose, but I loved the sound of these s in this room.

Describing how different music streamers compare is difficult. The best I can do is say the Echo Dot 4th gen sounds a bit thinner, less rich, less detailed. The Yamaha often dazzled me. Actually, it was a matter of mood. The room acoustics also influenced my listening mood too. I could even be fooling myself about the memories of what I used to hear on my Yamaha. Such a hat would cost as much as the Arylic S But if anyone reading this knows, leave a comment.

When you use AirPlay or Bluetooth the music is playing on your phone, but when you use a music streamer that has Spotify Connect or Tidal Connect that device is playing the music and your phone is merely the remote. It can make a big difference in sound quality. However, with all three devices, the app sometimes loses access and I have to quickly reload it to automatically reconnect.

Each has their own Amazon Music controls built into their apps and both are pitiful. I love using my phone to control my music. I love its simplicity and the Spotify app is near great.

Of course, it was a once-inyear-event for me. But if you already have a stereo system adding music streaming with the Amazon Echo Dot is a cheap enough experiment. I wish John Darko and Steven Guttenberg would test and rate it. It would be nice to know I was streaming everything in CD quality at a minimum. Most people are binary in their thinking.

For several decades now science has been under attack because it confuses people with complicated and even contradictory results. Reality is not simple. It contains infinite variables working through infinite combinations. Science is about statistics. It looks for patterns, making hunches to test.

And the results are never absolute. This video is well worth 25 minutes it takes to watch. Just watch it for how science works. Digesting the daily news has become a survivalist skill. That skill should be combined with reading, writing, and arithmetic as part of every K curriculum. We need to consume our daily information like Sherlock Holmes, always looking for clues.

In the old days, teachers would talk about developing a rule of thumb for rough guessing. Other people talk about bullshit detectors. We constantly fool ourselves with false assumptions. Learning to think clearly is unnatural for human beings because we tend to make up our minds quickly and stick to our decisions. Science is all about constantly reevaluating data, and that goes against common human habits. Spock, but that requires constant effort, constant vigilance. But understanding reality is anti-entropic, it is swimming against the current.

Please watch this fifteen minute video from NBC News. This video illustrates why lack of regulations and resource management leads to ordinary citizens and the environment losing to big business.

Corporations and people with money wanting to make more money are searching the globe for places where they can get any kind of competitive edge with their investments. Basically, big business and rich individuals will gentrify every last acre on the planet, pricing ordinary people off their land.

Southeast Arizona has very little surface water and rainfall. For decades homeowners, family owned farms and ranches, and towns have been sipping off the top of their aquifer. As long as rains replenish that aquifer, life in the desert is sustainable. However, global corporations have discovered this Arizona land is essentially unregulated and the water is there for the the price of sinking deeper wells.

This makes it profitable for corporations from around the world to exploit this area. Raising hamburgers and cattle feed in the desert seems insane until you realize the real value of water. Water is the new gold rush, and some locales are trading their water for jobs and investments.

However, once that water is gone, that locale, that environment will die. Keep an eye on this trend. Local control over land is going to disappear. A kind of corruption is taking place. Politicians back the corporations because they follow the money. Notice how toady the politician is in this video. And even though the corporations claim they are there for the long haul, the reality is they are there as long as they can make a profit.

Once they suck the aquifer dry or it becomes too costly to pump that water out of the ground, they will leave. This is happening all over the world. The long term results is the total land area that is sustainable for life on Earth is shrinking. Neither can nature. Basically, outsiders with money have all the power. If the local government had regulations about land and water use they could preserve their old way of life. They could build a sustainable society. Corporations have played the democratic system to get what they want.

Right now we have an exploitation society. The rules are simple. But it might be too late. There is little demand for sustainability. Corporations want to make money, and individuals want jobs. When you watch this video think about the two opposing groups.

On one hand, you have the global demand for meat and dairy, which includes all of us, and a few individuals who have been living in southeast Arizona for decades. Corporations just fulfill the global demand. But what if the global demand becomes greater for sustainability and the environment? All indicators point to the collapse of civilization sometimes this century. Despite all the press about this perfect storm of self destruction, few people are willing to worry, and even fewer willing to do anything.

Must the conclusion be that failure is our only option? Most of humanity is either preoccupied with personal problems, or if they contemplate the future at all, assume our species will muddle through as it always has in the past. All the evidence suggests otherwise, that the biosphere cannot Album) the impacts of Homo sapiens without a significant destabilization of its system, which in turn will alter the course of civilization.

Civilizations have always come and gone, and so have species. Nothing lasts forever, not even the Earth or the Sun. We almost had the intelligence to create a global civilization that could have lasted Album), if not millions of years. Theoretically, we still have a chance, but few people who think about such things give that chance much hope. No need to become a prepper assuming an Armageddon is just around every corner. The collapse of civilization will probably be so slow you might not even notice it.

Just take every day one day at a time and enjoy the passing parade of history. As an individual who reads many books and watch many documentaries like the ones above, I keep thinking we should be doing something.

Now is that going to happen? Is humanity a ship that can be steered or a bullet on a trajectory? It really comes down to the Serenity Prayer. Theoretically we could change everything in society if we could just change ourselves. I wonder if people have always believed in God just to redirect that burden of responsibility? If you read the above books maybe you will also ask who is smart enough to understand and solve these problems?

If we built giant AI minds that could think their way through these immense challenges, would we take their advice? Or even if a God spoke directly to the world would we obey? Maybe the only path an individual can take and stay sane is learning to accept and endure. Anger means still trying to control. If you watch the news pay attention to anger. All the people who fight for freedom and all the people who want rules and regulations are motivated by anger.

This is a strange book review. The penultimate question is: Can we do anything? The answer is yes. The ultimate question is: Will we? I used to hope that was a yes too, but my faith is fading. The lightning strike has indirectly killed my interest in Linux. I thought Linux terribly neat and always wondered if there would come a day I could use it for my regular computing tasks. When lightning struck I switched to using my Linux machine.

I found programs to do nearly everything I did under Windows and figured that day had finally come. Then I needed to print. So I finally gave up on Linux. I realized that if I made a big effort I could. I got out my copy of Windows It installed within minutes. It automatically recognized the HP printer and downloaded the drivers.

My letter printed. And I was thinking about getting a Mac Mini too, one of the new M1 machines. Well, lightning has killed that desire too.

The side effect of losing my Windows machine has made me realize I want to simplify my computer usage, and Windows only is the way to go. I spent Russian Greed - Russian Greed (Cassette selecting the Sony. The larger TV weighs more than I can handle. Evidently, lightning also killed my desire for high tech toys. Even before the crash I was thinking about a new computer. I was hankering for a Russian Greed - Russian Greed (Cassette unit with a fast graphic card.

Maybe I can find a small streamer to play through the amp. All it needs is Spotify connect. I bet an Echo Dot would do. A burst of lightning has shown me that I reached good enough tech years ago. When lightning killed my toys I was annoyed, but only mildly so because of the inconvenience.

It was just after several towns in Alabama were hit by tornadoes and many people lost their entire homes. I considered myself lucky to lose so little. Around am last Friday lightning struck near my house. I was up peeing when a tremendous flash and boom occurred just outside the bathroom window, stunning my eyes and ears. It was as dead as a dried up cockroach.

And my monitor worked. Huh, wondered what all that meant? I was heartsick my computer died but not too worried, I believe I had everything on Dropbox. That was a shocker, but then I thought about all the folks in Alabama who had their houses blown to bits by tornadoes.

Finally, I realized I was getting no WiFi in the house, and discovered the internet router was a goner too. Dang, I hate that feeling. The TV was on a brand new surge protector that seemed to be in fine working order too. My current theory is lightning zapped everything through the Ethernet cabling. So much for trusting UPS boxes and surge protectors. I did some research and lightning can be destructive in mysterious ways.

My neighbor to the north lost his cable TV box and my neighbor to the south had to reset all the breakers in his house. So my first lesson is to unplug electronic devices from both power, Ethernet, and outside antennas when I get a severe storm warning. But that was only the beginning of my education from this event. We had our little handheld lifeboats. Our weak broadband was good enough for email, light Facebook use, reading simple web pages, or watching short video clips. Just enough to keep us connected with people and information, but no massive multimedia consumption.

Think about the direction society is heading by connecting everything. At first I only missed little things, but they added up. For example, I needed to fill out registration forms for an upcoming surgery, but filling in the forms were impractical on the phone. We gave up cable years ago, so all our TV comes to us via streaming.

Using that old tech has an old timey feel. I stream all my music, newspapers, and magazines too, and about half my books. While we were off the net I read physical books. It seemed very quiet. Was it just new habits are comfortable and old lost habits are odd?

Staying home for over a year because of the pandemic has made me very depended on the internet for socializing. Since retiring in many of my hobbies have become internet related. During the last power outage some people in my groups even wondered if something had happened to me. Are we slowly becoming adapted to hive socializing? More and more, daily business is conducted over the internet, from getting vaccine appointments to replying to jury summons.

When my doctors come into the exam room they bring their laptops and they expect me to join their portals.

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